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Estoril Coast- Portugal

The Best Kept Wedding and Honeymoon Secret: The  Estoril Coastline

You may not have heard about the Estoril Coastline in Portugal, as a destination it goes barely noticed with poor advertising surrounding it as a 'place to see'. However, this is not due to lack of a good product to sell. In fact, in future years it is set to take the typical and mundane wedding destinations by storm. Not only does it have beautiful sunshine with an amazing 3023 hours of  it every year, it is also located to the West of Europe with an incredibly short  2-3 hours flight time away from  Britain and most European countries. No longer will couples have to endure boring long-haul flights for the same amount of sunshine.

As you travel along the infamous Avenida Marginal, the road that runs from Lisbon around the coastline. You take in the most stunning views of the coastline with beautiful scenery sandwiched between the quirky charm of Lisbon's architecture. Portugal was one of the first colonial empires and has a lot of its history next to the water edge. Forts and palaces are little diamonds waiting to be sought out. 

The Estoril Coastline also offers some of the best beaches in europe with white soft sands,  incredible walks all along the front, and a cafe and restaurant culture. The traditional delicacies are delicious with a variety of fresh seafood, fish and meat all available in different styles and flavours. Little gems on the coastline include Cascais and Sintra. Cascais is full of quaint characteristics, with narrow shopping streets, restaurants, cafes, parks, museums and
the renowned ice-cream shop Santini's which has been open since 1949 and has some of the best ice-cream in Portugal. Sintra is set back in the leafy hills over looking the coastline and boasts breathtaking 
history in the form of Palacio da Pena, Quinta 
da Regaleira and many others. 

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