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Villa Sao Paulo- Wedding Villa on the Lisbon Coastline, Portugal

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Are you looking to marry on the Estoril/Lisbon coast in a little piece of Portugal's history?

Villa de Sao Paulo was commissioned  in 1911 by Benedita Alves de Mello Nogueira, a Portuguese artistrocrat who made her money in the Brazilian coffee industry. It is easy to see why Benedita was made wealthy by the trade. The coffee industry was a very lucrative and luxury market to be involved in, because to the European markets, high quality coffee was a sign of social distinction. 

 Brazilian production of coffee started in the early 19th century and grew almost 15 times as large in this time. In fact growth was so large, that in 1850 Brazil produced half the world's coffee. By 1906 and the rest of the early 20th century when Villa de Sao Paulo was built, Brazil produced 5 times as much coffee as the world combined. Although Senhora Nogueira lived in Sao Paulo in Brazil, she decided to build Villa de Sao Paulo as a summer residence on the beach of Praia da Poca, hence the Brazilian influence in the name of the villa. 

The palace was built to be lavish, with grandeur in the gold gilt ceilings, beautiful stone work, prominent turret, and many windows. Not to mention the stunning balconies constructed overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, which have since been enjoyed by many illustrious and distinguished families. Most interestingly, the traditional tile panels on the outside of the building depict the arrival of  the Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil, when he discovered it in 1500.

When the current owners fell in love with the Villa in 2003, it was in a poor state of abandonment. The couple carried out extensive restoration and modernisation throughout. The villa now sleeps a maximum of 36, and can hold up to 80 people for reception in the event space and wedding blessing on the terrace. The perfect place to hold your whole wedding celebration. The bride and groom get to pick between a number of delightful rooms the most historic is the blue & gold gilt room pictured right.

All of the event spaces have panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean which could make your day truly spectacular!

Do you want anymore information about Villa Sao Paulo? info@villa-sao-paulo.com 

Keep tuned for more ideas about venues on the Estoril Coastline!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Why should you visit Lisbon- Portugal?

Current views on European Cities

When people talk of rich history they talk about Rome and Athens, when people think of fine art and good food they talk of Paris, when people speak of business and touristic attractions they think of London and Madrid. All of these cities respectively hold their charm and offer fantastic experiences and places to see. 

Lisbon the forgotten gem of Europe
- or so we thought?

Lisbon has often been a city that has been over-looked until recently. In fact, tourists to the city have been so impressed by its charm in recent years, that in 2009 it received a  'Best Travel Award' for being the best City Break Destination and in 2010 it won the 'Consumers Choice Award' for Best Destination; judged on quality of life, infrastructure, culture and touristic attractions. It is also currently renown to have one of the best and vibrant nightlifes in Europe.

Why did Lisbon win it's reputation?

Sun, Sun and more sun....

Lisbon truly has everything you would want to see in a capital city, over time it is has held onto its soul and rich and varied culture. It has fascinating history, culture & arts , tourist attractions and business facilities. It also has incredible weather which allows tourists to visit it all year round. One of the interesting landscape features of Lisbon is that it is set within many hills all looking over the mouth of the river Tagus and out to the Atlantic Ocean. Not only does the city have the buzz of a capital city it also has a coastline lined with beaches so has a work and play feel with the beaches always busy at any opportunity with surfers and sun-worshippers. A feature that distinguishes Lisbon is the 25 Abril Bridge, in style it hints at the the golden gate bride in San San Francisco and was built to symbolise Portuguese revolution. 

 As one of the first colonial empires it has a rich and interesting history and has housed many different civilisations. These different civilisations have all left a mark on the cities architecture, with a mix of Moorish, Roman,Celtic, Phonencian and Visigoth remains all over the city. Another of Lisbon's charms is that it is one of the world's main maritime routes due to its central location. It also saw a 52% rise in cruise ship calls between January- March this year and hosts regattas every few months which are encouraged by the Port. All the maritime activity makes for an interesting and busy port.

Lisbon and it's districts

Lisbon is an intimate and welcoming city, with a long lunch and Cafe culture which is infectious in its relaxed nature. 

Baixa (downtown)

The heart of the city which houses the main shopping and banking district.

Best features:

  • Rossio Square
    • The heart and centre point of Lisbon
  • Municipal Square
    • Lisbon city hall
  • Santa Justa Elevator
    • Tower landmark which over looks Lisbon and connects the lowest and highest parts of the city
  • Avenida da Liberdade
    •  Main Avenue of Lisbon, full of exclusive shops and cafes

Barrio Alto & Chiado

Barrio Alto & Chiado is best known for its fantastic nightlife, and some of the city of Lisbon's best bars and tastiest restaurants.

Best features:
  • Ancient Art Museum
    • 14th- 20th century European artwork by Bosch
  • Sao Roque Church
    •  Richest church interior in Lisbon
  • Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantra
    • Garden with panoramic views across the views
  • Estela Basilica
    • Vast neoclassical eye-catching monument 


Belem is the historic and cultural capital of Lisbon.

Best features:
  • Torre de Belem
    • Built to guard the entrance to Lisbon's harbour, it acted as the start point for many a voyage.
  • Champalimaud
    • A fantastic tribute to Portugal's modern architecture; a must see
  • Padrao dos Descobrimentos
    • Built to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Prince Henry the Navigators death
  • Monsteiro Jerinmos
    • One of the most impressive symbols from the age of Discovery with strong moorish influence
  • Museum Berardo
    • One of the best modern art collections in the world


Historic centre of Lisbon which boasts incredible views of the city.

Best features:
  • Castle of St Georges
    • Historic castle with views over the city
  • The Cathedral
    • The oldest building in Lisbon
  • Tile Museum
    • Five centuries of decorative ceramic titles

Parque das Nações

A trip to the future.

Best features:
  • Oceanuim
    • Thought to be the most impressive in the world
  • Pauilho do Conhecimento
    • Interactive science museum
  • The Cable Cars
    • Take a ride along the business district in space-age feel pods

Mainly a business and residential area with some little of pearls of history.

Best features:
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Musuem & Modern Art Centre
    • Don't forget to check out the beautiful gardens between these must see places
  • Amoreiras 
    • One of the largest shopping centres in Europe
  • Fronteira Palace
    • Stunning gardens and spectacular tile work

We hope you will be making a trip to Lisbon soon!

Kindest regards

Lisbon Wedding Planner

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Can A Wedding Planner Do For You?

What your wedding planner can do for you!

The Wedding Planners job is to take all of the stresses and worries of the clients onto their own shoulders in order to allow the couple to have the day of their dreams...
Ever wondered what a Wedding Planner does? Below is a list of some of the biggest to just some of smallest things you may expect your wedding planner to help you with.

1. Plan the day of your dreams.
2. Listen to the couple first and foremost whilst balancing out the needs of the rest of the family.
3. Theming of the day: ceremony and reception
4. Budget Control
5. Relieve the couple of any stresses about the day with emotional and moral support.
8. Offer a fantastic range of venues for the couple to choose from.
9. Contact all contractors to ensure all catering, decoration, Flowers, entertainment, transportation, make-up and hair artists are fabulous and suited to the couple.
10. Music choices for the day.
11. Help with clothing of the party and suggestions of places.
12. Help in selections of contractors.
13. Review of vendor contracts.
14. Book contractors.
15. Keep in touch with all the chosen contractors at all times.
16. Keep on top of the contractors so that everything is exactly as the clients dreamed.
17. Make sure all contractors are timely and deliver quality for money.
18. Keep all contractors documented and costed at all times.
19. Book Honeymoon.
20. Advise on guest travel to the location.
21. Help clients acquire all the proper documentation.
22. A time plan of day so everything runs smoothly.
23. Be in touch with registrars for the ceremony the couple would like. 
24. Contact last mintue contractors should there be a problem.
25. Time-line for vendors
26. Intimate details such as table plans and place cards.
27. A wedding day tool kit to fix any last minute dilemmas (dress splits, stains on the paige boys white shirts).
28. Crowd control to make sure there are no interruptions by the general public. 
29. Make sure vendors set-up meets stipulations. 
30. Make sure vendors get extra help if they need it.
31. Make sure all contractors are timely and deliver quality for money.
32. Over all venue check.
33.Wedding Morning- Make sure everyone is prepared and looks their best. 
34.Time Management at all times.
35. Ensure everyone in the bridal party is fully aware of what is happening and where they are meant to be.
36. Ensure the photographer can get the best photos by making sure everyone is where they are meant to be.
37. Make sure all the guests have an amazing time and get home safely.
38. Look after wedding gifts and ensure they are delivered to the bridal suite safely.
39. Ensure any left over items are returned to their owners.
40.Have a sixth sense about problems that may occur.

For more information for planning your wedding in Portugal please e-mail: info@lisbonweddingplanner.com

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Lisbon Wedding Planner

Friday, June 1, 2012

Estoril Coast- Portugal

The Best Kept Wedding and Honeymoon Secret: The  Estoril Coastline

You may not have heard about the Estoril Coastline in Portugal, as a destination it goes barely noticed with poor advertising surrounding it as a 'place to see'. However, this is not due to lack of a good product to sell. In fact, in future years it is set to take the typical and mundane wedding destinations by storm. Not only does it have beautiful sunshine with an amazing 3023 hours of  it every year, it is also located to the West of Europe with an incredibly short  2-3 hours flight time away from  Britain and most European countries. No longer will couples have to endure boring long-haul flights for the same amount of sunshine.

As you travel along the infamous Avenida Marginal, the road that runs from Lisbon around the coastline. You take in the most stunning views of the coastline with beautiful scenery sandwiched between the quirky charm of Lisbon's architecture. Portugal was one of the first colonial empires and has a lot of its history next to the water edge. Forts and palaces are little diamonds waiting to be sought out. 

The Estoril Coastline also offers some of the best beaches in europe with white soft sands,  incredible walks all along the front, and a cafe and restaurant culture. The traditional delicacies are delicious with a variety of fresh seafood, fish and meat all available in different styles and flavours. Little gems on the coastline include Cascais and Sintra. Cascais is full of quaint characteristics, with narrow shopping streets, restaurants, cafes, parks, museums and
the renowned ice-cream shop Santini's which has been open since 1949 and has some of the best ice-cream in Portugal. Sintra is set back in the leafy hills over looking the coastline and boasts breathtaking 
history in the form of Palacio da Pena, Quinta 
da Regaleira and many others. 

If you would like to know more about getting married on the Estoril Coast please contact: info@lisbonweddingplanner.com

Please leave comments of your experiences of Portugal!

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