Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Can A Wedding Planner Do For You?

What your wedding planner can do for you!

The Wedding Planners job is to take all of the stresses and worries of the clients onto their own shoulders in order to allow the couple to have the day of their dreams...
Ever wondered what a Wedding Planner does? Below is a list of some of the biggest to just some of smallest things you may expect your wedding planner to help you with.

1. Plan the day of your dreams.
2. Listen to the couple first and foremost whilst balancing out the needs of the rest of the family.
3. Theming of the day: ceremony and reception
4. Budget Control
5. Relieve the couple of any stresses about the day with emotional and moral support.
8. Offer a fantastic range of venues for the couple to choose from.
9. Contact all contractors to ensure all catering, decoration, Flowers, entertainment, transportation, make-up and hair artists are fabulous and suited to the couple.
10. Music choices for the day.
11. Help with clothing of the party and suggestions of places.
12. Help in selections of contractors.
13. Review of vendor contracts.
14. Book contractors.
15. Keep in touch with all the chosen contractors at all times.
16. Keep on top of the contractors so that everything is exactly as the clients dreamed.
17. Make sure all contractors are timely and deliver quality for money.
18. Keep all contractors documented and costed at all times.
19. Book Honeymoon.
20. Advise on guest travel to the location.
21. Help clients acquire all the proper documentation.
22. A time plan of day so everything runs smoothly.
23. Be in touch with registrars for the ceremony the couple would like. 
24. Contact last mintue contractors should there be a problem.
25. Time-line for vendors
26. Intimate details such as table plans and place cards.
27. A wedding day tool kit to fix any last minute dilemmas (dress splits, stains on the paige boys white shirts).
28. Crowd control to make sure there are no interruptions by the general public. 
29. Make sure vendors set-up meets stipulations. 
30. Make sure vendors get extra help if they need it.
31. Make sure all contractors are timely and deliver quality for money.
32. Over all venue check.
33.Wedding Morning- Make sure everyone is prepared and looks their best. 
34.Time Management at all times.
35. Ensure everyone in the bridal party is fully aware of what is happening and where they are meant to be.
36. Ensure the photographer can get the best photos by making sure everyone is where they are meant to be.
37. Make sure all the guests have an amazing time and get home safely.
38. Look after wedding gifts and ensure they are delivered to the bridal suite safely.
39. Ensure any left over items are returned to their owners.
40.Have a sixth sense about problems that may occur.

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